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PopularRaleighNeighborhoods.com uses the fastest and most accurate database of homes for sale in the Raleigh area. 

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A recent study called The Accuracy of Real Estate Websites analyzed local real estate brokerage websites noting they contained 100% of the homes listed for sale in the local MLS.  See how our search ranks!

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National Website Portals are incomplete

Portal websites like Zillow and Trulia contained only 79% to 81% of listings found in the local MLS-  20% of the homes for sale did not appear on these portal sites! PopularRaleighNeighboods.com has a direct feed from the local MLS and provides 100% of homes listed by agents from all real estate companies.


Frequent Property Listing Updates

National Website Portals Are Slower

The median delay between between the time home was listed on the local MLS and when it appeared on the Trulia or Zillow was 7 to 9 days! PopularRaleighNeighboods.com can update in 15 to 30 minutes because we have a direct feed to our local MLS.


Accurate Listing Data

National Website Portals Are Inaccurate 

Research showed more than 1/3 of the search results were not really for sale. Local brokerage websites like PopularRaleighNeighboods.com update with new information from the MLS as often as every 15 minutes. Your results are accurate and up to date when you use our home search.


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Registered buyers can receive daily updates with the newest listings in their neighborhood. The purpose of PopularRaleighNeighborhoods.com is to give you the best possible information, every minute of every day. 

“Information is key when buying or selling a house. It gives you power. But, using information without knowledge and experience can paralyze you.” 

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