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Experienced Raleigh Mortgage Lending Expert

Hi there,

My name is Patrick Wynn.

I did my first mortgage loan in 1986 while working for a consumer finance company. It was a refi where we greatly increased the client’s cashflow. The level of satisfaction I got from knowing how much I had helped someone was indescribable. 

It wasn’t until 1989 that I was able to get full time into residential mortgage lending. To say it’s been a rewarding career to this point is an understatement. 

The business has changed tremendously since I first started. Mortgages have gotten pretty complicated and the landscape is constantly changing. Finding good, accurate information is nearly impossible, causing some to see getting a mortgage as a daunting task.

It’s my goal, for each and every client, to make it the best experience it can be and to exceed your expectations. My combination of knowledge and experience, backed by an amazing team here at Homespire Mortgage, makes me uniquely qualified to do just that. 

I've made a career out of advising folks how to do the best thing for them whether it's through me or someplace else. Plus, I fight tooth and nail for every benefit I can get for those who choose to work with me.

Here are a few things you can expect when you choose me to help you:

  • Preparing you before you go under contract
  • Effective communication throughout the buying/refinancing process
  • Explaining and discussing your best mortgage options
  • Advising on market conditions so you make the best rate lock decision for you
  • Squeezing everything I can to get you the best terms we can offer
  • Tussling with the underwriter to reduce excessive conditions
  • Closing on time every time

Does this sound like someone you want in your corner looking out for your best interests? If so, let's talk.