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Team Testimonies

"Scott Graves is an excellent realtor - his knowledge of the Raleigh area and of housing in general is based on work in both real-estate and home contracting. He was able to use his background to make things as easy as possible without glossing over any important points. In addition to the core realtor functions, Scott had ready multiple quality recommendations for any of the 3rd parties needed for home inspection, surveying, pest control, ... Lastly, we managed to buy our home during the stress of a difficult pregnancy and (eventually) happy/healthy delivery. There were days that the additional work of buying a house would have been too much and we'd have likely walked away from the deal. Scott was always able to provide enough room to make the next decision without too much pressure and enough help to make it seem possible. We would use Triangle and Scott again - but it will have to be for a second home - this one is a keeper. "
Michael Sick, March 2016
"Scott went above and beyond the call of duty to help me find my first home in Chapel Hill.  My needs were complex but he listened closely and didn't waste my time trying to sell me homes that I didn't want.  We were in a sellers market, and Scott was on top of every listing that came close, we visited many listings the day they came on market.  
Scott's background in home construction was his greatest asset (I believe he was previously a general contractor).  He could look at a septic system and immediately see problems that your typical realtor wouldn't be able to notice.  He crossed off houses from our list for reasons that I wouldn't have noticed - saving me time and money in inspections.  
When it came to buying a home Scott and his team were on top of it, I could have been less involved and the process would have gone smoothly.  They answered all my questions, made sure that all the inspections took place, and supervised nearly every single inspector to ensure we were getting the best work done.
For my first house in the triangle area I couldn't be more pleased.  Scott found me the perfect home in an ideal location for an unbeatable price.  I appreciate all the time and energy he put into helping me find home. 
If you're looking for a realtor look no further - this guy will save you so much time and frustration because he sweats the details so you don't have to."
K. G. ,  May 2016

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